The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation endorsed light rail transit for Surrey as a transportation choice that checks all the boxes.

  • Proven, high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

  • Moves people quickly, while also meeting the long-term needs of the region.

  • Fits with the City of Surrey’s community plans.

  • High-capacity, accessible, and well-integrated.

Image rendering of light rail transit

LRT: The growing transportation choice

Like its cousin the classic streetcar, LRT systems have connected urban centres for generations. Newer forms of the LRT are transforming modern cities around the world. There are now more than 400 light rail and streetcar systems in 50 countries, and more than 100 additional light rail systems are planned worldwide.

Waterloo Light Rail image
Waterloo Light Rail
Edmonton Valley image
Edmonton Valley Line
Ottawa Confederation Line Image
Ottawa Confederation Line
Calgary Green Line image
Calgary Green Line

Examples of modern, urban-style LRT in Canada/North America include:

  • Edmonton Valley Line

  • Toronto Eglinton LRT

  • Calgary Green Line

  • Mississauga Hurontario LRT

  • Hamilton LRT

  • Ottawa Confederation Line

  • Waterloo ION Line

  • Seattle ULink

  • Portland MAX light rail

How LRT Works

LRT brings together landscaping, architecture, and streetscaping to integrate seamlessly into the community.

LRT vehicles Image of interior of light rail vehicle
  • Level, no-step boarding, accessible for all abilities

  • Multiple entries for quick and efficient boarding

  • Modern vehicle design provides a smooth, quiet ride

  • Room to bring bicycles on board

  • Operated by a certified driver

Track Image of Light Rail Track
  • Operates in a dedicated right-of-way, curb-separated from traffic

  • Tracks are level at all roadway crossing locations

Urban design and landscaping Image of Light Rail
  • New boulevard trees and multiple landscape areas

Electrically-powered Image of Light Rail
  • Powered from overhead wires, using energy from the municipal grid

  • Clean electrical energy, no operating emissions

Operations and maintenance Image of Light Rail
  • System control centre

  • Vehicle storage, cleaning, maintenance and repair

  • Operations and support staff facility

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