Confirmation of funding for the project is anticipated in 2018. With procurement and construction expected to take up to five years, the new service could be in operation by the target date of 2024.

Aerial photograph of the neighbourhood surrounding Surrey Central Station.

Planning Ahead for Construction

LRT runs on the ground and most stops have a relatively small footprint; this means construction impacts along the corridor will primarily be limited to what is typically experienced during standard road-widening projects—lane closures, detours and some traffic delays.

More extensive work will be required for the upgrades to the Guildford and Newton exchanges and at Surrey City Centre, where LRT will integrate with the Surrey Central and King George SkyTrain stations.

Photograph of two construction workers surveying a stretch of road.
Photo of a young mother and her newborn on a TransLink bus.

Working With Businesses and Communities

TransLink and the City of Surrey will work with the construction contractor to implement a construction management program that minimizes disruption and maximizes predictability. This includes working with businesses and communities to develop construction management requirements, such as:

  • Maintaining safe access to homes and businesses for pedestrians and vehicles

  • Keeping transit moving as a priority and providing alternate routes to ensure that all traffic continues to move

  • Maintaining business visibility from the street

  • Minimizing and effectively managing noise, dust, and vibration

  • Providing early notice of upcoming changes and frequent updates on project status

More detailed information will be available as part of our next stage of engagement.

Early Works Construction

The City of Surrey has started work on a series of important construction projects that will facilitate the successful delivery of the 10.5 kilometre LRT.

104 Avenue Feeder Water Main and Trunk Storm Sewer Relocation

A feeder water main and trunk storm sewer runs along segments of 104 Avenue in the centre of the road under what will be the future LRT track. These utilities are being relocated prior to construction of LRT.

A 600 mm water main and 900 mm storm sewer pipe runs down the centre of 104 Avenue, under what will be the future LRT track. These sections are being relocated prior to construction of LRT.

The feeder water main relocation is underway with Richco Contracting and Tybo Contracting. The storm sewer relocation is underway with Mainland Civil Contracting. Both projects are anticipated to be complete by Fall 2018.

Bear Creek Bridge Replacement

The Bear Creek Bridge is being replaced as it does not meet current seismic requirements and is not wide enough nor sturdy enough to accommodate the LRT.

Construction is currently underway with WestPro, a Division of Pomerleau, and expected to be complete by November 2018.

BC Hydro Transmission Infrastructure Raising

BC Hydro transmission infrastructure crosses the planned SNG LRT alignment at 104 Avenue and 140 Street; King George Boulevard and 92 Avenue; and King George Boulevard and 84 Avenue.

With the high voltages of the BC Hydro transmission lines, there must be adequate clearances between the infrastructure and the LRT power supply system to prevent interference.

TransLink will lead on other projects, with support from the City.

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