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Public and stakeholder engagement is a key component of the LRT Project. We value your input, so we frequently engage in stakeholder and public consultation to find out what you think. Take a look below to see current engagement opportunities.

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Current Engagements

Public and stakeholder engagement is a key component of the LRT Project. The next opportunity for public engagement will take place in late Spring 2018. Please sign up for project updates to stay informed.

Stage 2 Consultation Summary Report Released

Thank you to everyone who offered input during the Stage 2 engagement period that ran from October 19 to November 6, 2017. The Consultation Summary Report highlights public feedback from the open houses, stakeholder meetings, and online survey. Learn more by reading the Consultation Summary Report.

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Community principles

To meet the needs of commuters and the broader community, TransLink and the City of Surrey are committed to following these key principles to arrive at a holistic plan:

  • Engaging the public in a clear, transparent engagement process

  • Facilitating a vibrant, connected community where people live and work

  • Ensuring balance to Surrey’s roads and its many users

  • Meeting future demand for transportation

  • Sustaining an effective road network

  • Building and expanding the integrated transit network

  • Bringing together mobility (how people move around) and affordability (cost)

  • Choosing a modern, proven transportation system

Surrey LRT Champions

The LRT, a system chosen overwhelmingly by over 400 forward thinking cities around the world and in Canada, is the system that will transform our city into a livable, walkable, movable, thriving hub of economic activity. Our members will greatly benefit from the opportunity to be a part of moving our city forward to an exciting future of possibilities! and we’ll report out on what we heard in the near future.
- Anita Huberman
CEO, Surrey Board of Trade
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LRT is essential to growing and improving our economy in Surrey and Metro Vancouver. By ensuring the movement of people to and from work and school, the movement of our good and services, our economy will continue to develop and prosper. Due to our rapid population growth, the demand is not going to go away and everyone is looking for better and faster ways of transit and transportation. We have to continue to “forward think” and plan for 10 to 15 years in our future.
- Elizabeth Model
CEO, Downtown Surrey BIA
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As a key part of the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation, BEST supports the Surrey LRT project. This project is directly in line with BEST's vision of vibrant, inclusive communities through sustainable transportation, and will be fundamental to providing viable transportation options to a growing Metro Vancouver region.
- Stephanie Williams
General Manager, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST)
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The arrival of LRT along the 104th Corridor represents a great opportunity for Guildford Town Centre and will connect the property to the wider regional transportation network, enhancing the local transportation choices for the community, contributing to a better environmental footprint and creating new opportunities for the development of residential and offices to help support the sustainable development goals of the region.
- Susan Saatchi
Property Manager, Guildford Town Centre
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The light rail transit project will have a huge impact on newly arrived and future immigrants and refugees settling in the City of Surrey. Newcomers sometimes face daunting challenges as they navigate complex systems to rebuild their lives in this country. The LRT project will greatly support newcomers' ability to seek out the support they need while contributing to the economic and social well-being of the city.
- Chris Friesen
Director - Settlement Services, ISSofBC
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The proposed Surrey LRT connections to Newton and Guildford will allow the significant and ongoing investments in the City Centre to be accessed and enjoyed by a much broader spectrum of citizens and visitors. For the Surrey City Development Corporation, the LRT will be hugely important, allowing us to fulfil our mandate to transform Surrey into a more modern, vibrant, sustainable, and complete community.
- Michael Heeney
President and CEO, Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC)
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Expansion of rail transit in Surrey is long overdue given the growth that the City has experienced over the past several years and anticipated growth to come. PCI is a big believer in the future of light rail transit as a means of getting people out of their cars and using alternative modes of transit. The growth of rail transit throughout Surrey will encourage walking, cycling and other forms of movement therein promoting healthier and more social lifestyles.
- Brad Howard
Senior Development Manager, PCI Developments Corp.
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The next community engagement opportunity will be in 2018.
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