LRT to Surrey will decrease commute times, help keep the region connected, and revitalize urban neighbourhoods.

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Reduce Congestion

More people using public transit means fewer vehicles on the road.

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Increase Transit Network Capacity

LRT has the flexibility to meet long-term ridership demand to 2045 and beyond.

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Transform Communities

LRT will create integrated, pedestrian-friendly communities along two of Surrey’s busiest corridors. LRT revitalizes urban neighbourhoods, attracting developers who want to build near public transit, and people who want to live near transit.

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Protect the Environment

LRT runs on electricity, with no operating emissions, reducing greenhouse gases and the region’s dependency on fossil fuels.

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Create Jobs & Attract Employment

LRT will diversify Surrey’s economy by attracting highly-skilled jobs in education, technology and health services. More than 3,500 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect jobs are forecast to be created.

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Meet the City & Regional Vision

The project is part of the Mayors’ Council Vision and Surrey’s Official Community Plan.

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Community & Contact

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